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What is black barn?

We’re a bunch of guys who love wood. We appreciate it, and we know you do too. That’s why Black Barn Wood Products is the premier manufacturer of the highest quality, mill direct hardwood flooring in the industry.


as the manufacturer, We offer the highest quality product at the lowest possible price and shortest lead time. How? We’ve eliminated both the supply house and dealers by selling directly to the end user.


we mill each job to order, and All finish options are available, such as beveled edges, wire brushing, custom seam gaps, etc based on your exact specifications. once complete, the materials are delivered directly inside your jobsite, safe from the elements at no extra charge.

Why black barn?

We stock our own domestic raw material at our own facility. Some exotic hardwoods are in stock as well, yet all are available Upon request


When we say custom, we mean custom. We create solid & engineered hardwood floors 3/4” thick in widths up to 12”. We buy full length, rough lumber which yields finished floors 6 to 16 feet in length.


We stock most species of domestic wood, primarily harvested from the Northern United States. Our cold winters create a tight grained product that inferior southern timber just can’t replicate.


We keep you busy. Depending on species, we have quickest turn-around time in the industry. No more work stoppages waiting for product!